Dementia Garden

We have produced a suite of panels for the NHS in Scotland - the panels were used in a Dementia Garden that included a range of planting, objects, interpretation and signage to create a space that provides a relaxing environment for everyone whose lives are touched by dementia.

The garden was designed by landscape architect Nicola Duenas.

Sketchbook 2016

During the course of all my design work I use sketchbooks first - for everything. This allows me to have a real dialogue with my clients and myself in terms of the appropriateness of the solutions proposed. 

In fact I have developed a real addiction to Moleskine Sketchbooks, Fountain Pens and watercolours.

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Interpretation and signage at Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare

This past year - 2016 - saw another phase of way finding, signage and interpretation designed and installed at Raystede Centre for animal Welfare. As with phase one this was another collaborative phase which saw how interpretation can inform the wayfinding and visitor experience for visitors to this popular place in Ringmer near Brighton.

We began the project with a Signage Audit which allowed us to assess how the first phase has been working over the past year. This done we proposed a series of landscape interventions which included simple wayfinding and some more interpretative features such as audio posts, wall friezes and cafe information graphics.

Kirkmichael Landscape Partnership

We have completed a set of GRP interpretation panels for the Kirkmichael Paths network near Stirling which involved some historical illustration. We commissioned Bob Marshall for the 3D rendering of the Bronze Age huts and produced the historical re-enactment of the raising of the banner in-house. All of the wildlife illustration was done in-house too.

Horden Denes Interpretation Project wins award

We were very pleased to be part of the team that won an Award at the Durham Environment Awards 2015 recently. There were many entries and some fantastic community projects showing that there is a commitment by local people to help improve their own environment.

The Environment Partnership aims to develop innovative approaches to addressing environmental issues across County Durham and Horden Denes won an award own the Places and Spaces Category "For the outstanding contribution to the improvement of the local environment, regeneration of run down areas, creation of safer environments and the positive effect on the local economy, health and wellbeing of the local residents and visitors."

Project summary
Horden Denes is an area of England on the Durham coast. It was once a colliery here and the beach was (and still is) covered in coal. But since the closure of the mines the coast is regenerating and wildlife that was sitting below the surface is emerging and flourishing. The local community are justly proud of this area and we worked with the community on the sculptural and interpretative outputs for the site. These included: Robust and green oak totem signage, Cor-ten Steel interpretative features and sculptural seating and picnic area.

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See more about the project including a video here.