St Ronan’s Well visitor centre interpretation

St. Ronan’s Wells is an attractive pavilion situated on the hillside overlooking the Leithen valley. Originally constructed by the Earl of Traquair in the 1820s to provide a comfortable retreat for visitors to the spa, it was largely rebuilt and extended in 1896 to accommodate indoor bathing facilities and a bottling plant.

Our role was to assess the requirements of the interpretation graphics and design, manage and produce the interpretation panels. These were produced in Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP).

The spa was frequented by Sir Walter Scott as a boy and to this day hundreds of visitors come each year to sample the spring water which is still “on tap” at St. Ronan’s Wells. A browse round the interpretative centre will reveal its long and interesting history in some detail.

A well, several underground tanks, an ornamental pond and a herb garden can be seen in the grounds behind the pavilion. Parking, access and facilities for the disabled are provided.