Sketchbook 2016

Moleskine Sketchbook

My Urban Sketching helps me to look and evaluate the things I find and things I see. This helps me when I am at the drawing board designing solutions that involve landscape interpretation.

I am now using fountain pens almost exclusively for drawing, Noodlers Ahab, Pilot Falcon and of course Lamy all sit in my pocket along with water brushes, watercolour and Noodlers waterproof ink.

I don't just sit and draw of course as I am always interested in the story behind things and once I get home thats where the real work begins as I start to look at the heritage and background to a place which allows me to understand the context of a place.

Moleskine 2016 part 1

Here are some images from the first of my 2016 Moleskine Sketchbooks.

Moleskine 2016 part 2

Here are some images from the second of my 2016 Moleskine Sketchbooks.