.about us

We are a creative design practice that specialises in designing and manufacturing interpretation panels for outdoor spaces, including the design of interpretive structures such as seats, walls, sculptural elements and floors capes.

We are known for our bespoke designs, creating interpretation signs and artistic elements that reflect their landscape setting.

All of our interpretive solutions start from the ground up. We begin with a concept sketch and work towards interpretation spaces and experiences that create a sense of place befitting the surrounding environment and our client’s aims.

Concept for the interpretation panels and structures for the Fife Pilgrim’s Way.

Differentia design and manufactures a wide range of steel and wooden lecterns, signs, frames and structures to display interpretation panels. Typical products we produce are: Interpretation Panels, Way Markers, Finger Posts, General Signage and artistic landscape solutions including seating and sculptural work.

Differentia also manages the manufacturing process of a range of interpretive products including metal lecterns, timber interpretation frames and lecterns, bronze cast interpretation discs, zinc etched tactile rubbing discs.

We oversee the production of a range of signage products including: Environmentally friendly signage solutions such as Aluminium, High Pressure Laminate, Ceramic and Stoneware, Zinc Etched Steel, Aluminium, Dibond and other signage materials. By overseeing the manufacturing process, we are able to maintain excellent quality control for our products and provide an efficient and effective service to clients.