Differentia create interpretive signs and structures for visitor attractions, nature reserves, parks and public spaces.

All of our creations help to tell a story of the landscape whether it be archaeological, natural history, historic or cultural.

We aim to create memorable interpretation that is designed from the ground up and is always bespoke.

We use a range of makers who fabricate to our specification using a variety of materials including:

  • zinc etched steel panels

  • Lavastone ceramic panels

  • Aluminium Panels

  • High Pressure Laminate panels.

Many of our creations include ornate steel work and involve other artists in the making, thus bringing great variety and creativity to our output.

For more information on our interpretation services and products contact us here or call 01434 609 312.

Interpretation in the landscape using a variety of media including: zinc etched steel, corten steel, GRP, Lavastone Ceramic and Aluminium Powder Coated steel.