based in hexham, northumberland, differentia designs interpretation for outdoor spaces including interpretation panels, interpretive structures, seats and signs.

A potted history of Differentia

A potted history of Differentia

For a while I have been Differentia.

Before that Honest Injun.

Before that Stephen Pardue Design.

The internet has provided a platform for free expression without corporate ties. The world has become a place where everything big is being challenged. And everything good can be small. Bespoke is everything and response is better when it is personal.

In the beginning

I wanted to be a zoologist but perhaps I just was not clever enough. Or perhaps it was the school who really had no idea what I was talking about. Then I wanted to be a commercial artist - later to become graphic design. Neither was encouraged. But once I got to Sunderland Art College all things became possible. And a degree from Lanchester Polytechnic - later to become Coventry University.

Back to Newcastle and my first job in advertising - Peter Davies Advertising.

Then a printing company or two and then the big break working for Design Group.

Redheads advertising and this was the real deal. Commercials, black and white adverts for newspapers and all before the advent of computers.

Letteraset was the thing and buying type in gallies from typesetters. After that it was cow gum.

Graphic design as a craft.

The Great Polish Map of Scotland

The Great Polish Map of Scotland