based in hexham, northumberland, differentia designs interpretation for outdoor spaces including interpretation panels, interpretive structures, seats and signs.

Raystede Animal Sanctuary Interpretation and Design

This is a project which has been a truly collaborative approach. The interpretation management plan was written by our colleague Cath Brew at Red Plait Interpretation and this was taken on board by the landscape architect to build a new entrance for the Raystede Animal Sanctuary.

This is still ongoing with the building works still on site but we have installed the main interpretation features now for this phase of works.

The project includes the following works:

  • Interpretation management plan – Red Plait Interpretation
  • Design, interpretative artworks and installation – Differentia
  • Sign manufacture and woodworks – Robin Watson Signs
  • Landscape architecture – Adams Habermehl
  • Building works – Lewes Builders
  • Graphics - Ingenious Design
  • Chainsaw carvings – David Gross
Bearpark Interpretation Panel and Notice Board

Bearpark Interpretation Panel and Notice Board

The Great Polish Map of Scotland

The Great Polish Map of Scotland