Whilst interpretation design can be applied to a variety of public realms including museums, outdoor spaces, nature reserves, and signage along park paths, we’ve chosen to focus on landscape interpretation. After all, this is where our strengths and expertise lie. We know what we do well and we want to do it well for our clients. Working in the landscape allows us to open up unique opportunities and translate those into deeper visitor experiences.

We specialise in:

  • Signage and way-finding for outdoor spaces

  • Interpretation Panels and way-finding for nature reserves

  • Landscape features and interpretation installations for the public realm (parks and outdoor spaces)

  • Finger posts and entrance features

  • Structures and seating for anywhere that people visit and gather or where stories can be told

We use a variety of materials with the forms and shapes informed by the landscape. Where possible, we look to use local and landscape appropriate solutions.